TROVET Renal & Oxalate RID Chicken Cat 24 x 85g Tins HLYMZUSRC

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For cats with decreased kidney function

Please note: The recipe of the RID food in tins has slightly been adjusted to meet the stricter requirements for renal and kidney diet food. With this adjustment it is possible that your cat will experience the food as less tasty.

Renal failure
The kidney's main task is to naturally detoxify the body. In cases of renal insufficiency (poorly functioning kidneys), depending on severity, the kidneys are only able to do this to a limited extent. As a result, toxic substances can accumulate in the blood and cause a number of problems. A special diet can help protect the kidneys and reduce adverse effects on the body.

Key features of TROVET Renal & Oxalate RID Cat

Supports the kidneys in regulating fluids and electrolytes around the body and blood, and removing waste materials.
The high biological value of the diet results in few "remaining amino acids" that distribute the waste product urea.
The easily absorbed calcium and vitamin D3 content promotes calcium absorption in the intestines.
The reduced phosphorus content lowers excessive phosphorus levels in the blood, inhibiting kidney degradation.
The reduced protein content reduces strain on the kidneys while still providing all of the essential amino acids due to its high quality.
K-citrate helps prevent high acidity in the blood and reduces the formation of oxalate crystals.

Recommended for
Renal failure and kidney insufficiency
Urolithiasis due to urate, cystine and oxalate

Not suitable for
Pregnant or lactating cats
Cats with struvite uroliths

The recommended period of use for TROVET Renal & Oxalate RID Cat is at least 6 months. TROVET Renal & Oxalate RID Cat is a complete diet food which can be used for an unlimited period of time.

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TROVET Renal & Oxalate RID Chicken Cat 24 x 85g Tins HLYMZUSRC

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