Newa Wave Pump for Aquariums 9 7 Adj VOUPUBNWZ

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Circulation Pump for fish-keeping. It will create the standard natural fresh water and salt water aquariums. Small dimensions flow rate schwenkbar.Turbine self-cleaning and high performance. High-performance high-speed steel with low power consumption.Powerful suction cup to attach to (without magnets outside the aquarium) with system absorbs vibrations and noise cancellation technology Reliable, extremely quiet and easy to clean.

Newa Newave NWA 9.7 Circulation Pump Newave Circulation Pumps are a highly reliable pump for creating natural water movement in marine and fresh water aquariums. Newave 9.7 Circulation Pumps are a compact design with a totally variable direction of flow. Flow rate. 9700 lph Power Consumption 11.4w Recomended tank size for Marine, 450 to 800l Freswater, 850 to 1300l Newave Pumps are a high performace pump with a unique suction cup mounting system coomplete with a built in anti noise system resulting in a completely silent pump. The new and improved impeller helps self clean itself and therefore reduceing mainenance. Complete with a 3 year warranty

Newa Wave Pump for Aquariums 9 7 Adj VOUPUBNWZ

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