1 x 1000 g Gammarus Pellets Original Flohk Crabs KOIFUTTER reptile Food WPMYUEBMV

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1x 1000g. Crustaceans-Bach Flohk crabs pellets the original from the Sibierien: Crustaceans in original or also crustaceans pellets Gammarus pellets are made from pure crustaceans, without any additives. A pure, natural product. Great for Soil fish such as catfish, Stre, carp, eels. Can also be used as a fish food can be used, as crustaceans are a natural lining of the fish. Auflse time: Approximately 4hours. Diameter: Approx. 6mm. High quality natural feeding to fish, birds, turtles and reptiles Natural Product Made From Sibirien, ecologically clean and free of preservatives dried in the sun and then sieved is CRUSTACEANS an ideal food for fish and turtles. Crustaceans are available as individual or adding to aquarium fish food, for Tortoise Food Mix, For bird feed and for reptile feeder for chicken feed and for Koi lining a great party planning solution. Crustaceans floating Long to surface, from a certain moisture, it sinks to the bottom, yet doesn't cloud the water. The Bach Flohk crabs crustaceans have a high content of minerals and vitamins. Great lining for fish crustaceans have plenty of carotenoids they are designed to the best colour development of the fish. Moreover, it is CRUSTACEANS provides a low fat source of power that your fibre material content for better metabolism. Specially designed for turtle crustaceans is rich in calcium, which prevents the shells of turtles softens. Is highly digestible and soft. The health and the welfare of your animals, our goal is components: Full sun Small dried freshwater Crustacaea, Type: Crustaceans. Colour: Light Brown to red/brown analysis: Crude Protein 47.20%, Rohfett 6,70% rohasche 22,30% Fibre 5.30% Calcium 6% Moisture 11-14% Vitamins A, C, D micro-biological Specification: Salmonella: Negative HB: 2years when stored away * Keep in a dry and cool.

1 x 1000 g Gammarus Pellets Original Flohk Crabs KOIFUTTER reptile Food WPMYUEBMV

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